How to Apply

To those wishing to participate in the 1000km Relay to Tokyo

The entry period is closed.
Thank you for your application!

Participants and Supporters
(1) Applying via the Internet
You can use the link below to go to the running portal site “RUNNET” to apply.
* You must be registered as a member of “RUNNET” to apply.
(2) Apply via mail or fax
Click the link below to download a printable application forms, fill in the necessary information, and mail or fax the forms to the Administrative Office.
[Mailing Address]Road to Tomorrow 1000km Relay to Tokyo, Administrative Office
Aios Nagata-cho 521, 2-17-17 Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0014
[FAX] 03-3539-5540
No. Recruited
About 1,300 (about 1,200 runners and about 100 cyclists)
Period in Which Participants Recruited
Friday, April 28 - Wednesday, May 31
Points to Keep in Mind when Applying
  • (1) In case of cancellation for inclement weather, a notice will be posted to that effect on the official website by 5am the day of the event.
  • (2) The mainorganizers shall not bear transportation fees or accommodation fees, even in cases of cancellation.
  • (3) Before participating in the event, please give due consideration to your physical condition by training adequately and getting a thorough physical examination, etc. beforehand.
  • (4) Please wear the cap to be provided by the main organizers as a measure against heat stroke.
  • (5) Cyclists are asked to wear helmets and all other gear necessary to ride in the event.
  • (6) Insurance will be provided by the main organizers. Furthermore, except for emergency measures with respect to accidents and injuries occurring during the race, the main organizers bear no responsibility beyond the provision of insurance coverage.
For Information about Applying
  • [Contact] 1000km Relay to Tokyo Executive Secretariat
  • [Address] Aios Nagatcho, 2-17-17 Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0014
  • [Phone] 03-3539-5539 (weekdays AM10:00-PM5:00)
  • [Fax] 03-3539-5540
  • [Email]
  • [Official website]
Event Schedule and Outline of the Course (planned)
Monday, July 24 - Monday, August 7, 2017 (15 days total)
DateRace Legs
July 24 (Mon)Aomori Tourist Information Center, ASPAM (Aomori City) ‒ Hachinohe Portal Museum“ hacchi” (Hachinohe City)
July 25 (Tue)Hachinohe Portal Museum“ hacchi” (Hachinohe City) ‒ Kuji City Hall (Kuji City)
July 26 (Wed)Kuji City Hall (Kuji City) ‒ Miyako District Government Building (Miyako City)
July 27 (Thu)Miyako District Government Building (Miyako City) ‒ Shopping center "abasse TAKATA" (Rikuzentakata City)
July 28 (Fri)Shopping center "abasse TAKATA" (Rikuzentakata City) ‒ MINAMISANRIKU SUN SUN SHOPPING VILLAGE (Minamisanriku Town)
July 29 (Sat)MINAMISANRIKU SUN SUN SHOPPING VILLAGE (Minamisanriku Town) ‒ Matsushima Town Office (Matsushima Town)
July 30 (Sun)Matsushima Town Office (Matsushima Town) ‒ Miyagi Prefectural Government Office (Sendai City)
July 31 (Mon)Miyagi Prefectural Government Office (Sendai City) ‒ Soma City Hall (Soma City)
August 1 (Tue)Soma City Hall (Soma City) ‒ Fukushima Prefectural Government Office (Fukushima City)
August 2 (Wed)Fukushima Prefectural Government Office (Fukushima City) ‒ Kaiseizan Athletics Track Field (Koriyama City)
August 3 (Thu)Kaiseizan Athletics Track Field (Koriyama City) ‒ Aquamarine Park (Iwaki City)
August 4 (Fri)Aquamarine Park (Iwaki City) ‒ Port of Oarai Wharf 4 Event Berth (Oarai Town)
August 5 (Sat)Port of Oarai Wharf 4 Event Berth (Oarai Town) ‒ Asahi Sports-no-mori Park (Asahi City)
August 6 (Sun)Asahi Sports-no-mori Park (Asahi City) ‒ Chiba Prefectural Government (Chiba City)
August 7 (Mon)Chiba Prefectural Government (Chiba City) ‒ Ryogoku Kokugikan (Sumida City)